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Linda Dejeu

Marriage & Family Therapist Trainee
Supervised by Gary Henderson, LMFT #7053 and Krysta Dancy LMFT #48506

Gain insights and clarity about yourself. Learn tools to manage emotions and problems. Feel empowered.


Resolve relationship roadblocks. Enhance and deepen connection. Clarify and communicate emotions and needs.

Certified Facilitator


Enhance skills required for healthy family functioning. Improve communication. Manage conflicts and family problems.

Therapy Sessions
About Me

Life can be hard. It can feel overwhelming and scary at times. I understand the stressors of life, and my intention is to help you tap into your inner resources and build upon your strengths. Self-exploration is powerful and courageous. Through authentic connection and openness, growth and healing can occur. I help individuals cope with a range of issues including depression, anxiety, interpersonal relationships, and life transitions. My approach is collaborative, empathic, and supportive, and I incorporate various therapeutic modalities to meet the different needs of each individual. It is my mission to provide a safe and accepting environment in which you can delve into and work through difficult changes, choices, and life events. Together, we explore emotions and identify patterns of thinking and behaving that drive you. We examine their origin, find meaning, and work towards achieving healthier ways of relating and understanding. It is a great honor and privilege to walk alongside you on your journey.

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